Notification of irresponsible products or operations

Tokmanni wants to operate responsibly and transparently in its whole value chain. On this page you can notify Tokmanni about irresponsible actions or products at Tokmanni.

We collect information in order to improve our performance

Tokmanni collects information of potential violations against our Code of Conduct via different channels in order to be able to address the issues quickly. We also want to make sure that the products we sell are safe to use and of high quality. 

You can notify Tokmanni about irresponsible products sold at Tokmanni or irresponsible operations at Tokmanni by using this form. Please describe your observations as precisely as possible. At the end of the form you can disclose your contact information in case you are willing to provide further information. If you have pictures related to your notification, please attach them to this form.

Customer feedback should be sent to our customer service,

Thank you!

Our Code of Conduct contains following themes:

1. Fair and respectful treatment of people

2. Business Integrity

3. Minimizing environmental impacts

4. Responsible sourcing

5. Responsible communications and marketing

Your observations

Please give us detailed information about your observations related to unethical practices and/or product.