Stores as a workplace

Stores as a workplace

A store is a versatile, action packed place to work. We carry out lots of campaigns and other sales promotion activities in our stores. Employees work as cashiers, department heads, assistant managers and store managers in Tokmanni stores. Shifts are available according to stores’ opening hours.

Working as a cashier is one of the most important roles in our company. As a cashier, you are an important contact for our customers and represent Tokmanni at your work. Our store employees work variedly within the store, for example serving customers kindly at the tills and other parts of the store, shelving products efficiently, and creating displays that entice customers, all while being nice co-workers.

The job requires a kind customer service attitude, co-operation skills and a prompt and systematic attitude towards working. The job includes moving products, which may be heavy, while reaching and bending, so the job requires someone who has strength, good mobility and excellent physical fitness. During an average workday, a store employee takes over 10 000 steps and the heaviest items going through the tills weigh over ten kilograms. Some examples of these heavy items that are lifted on the job include 25-kilogram bags of sunflower seeds or soil bags of different weights, which are lifted and carried in stores in springtime. Heavy pallets, which can weigh more than a thousand kilograms, are also moved in store with hand pumps. In most stores, a knowledge of Finnish is a requirement for employees, but in some stores, working is possible with rudimentary Finnish skills (speaking and reading). Carrying out Finnish language practice is possible in some stores. For more information, please contact:

As you gain experience, you can work as a department head. As a department head, you are responsible for a specific department. An important part of your role is to support the store manager in store operations and in leading day-to-day operations. Your job includes not only standard store work, but also checking for shelf availability, developing customer service, motivating employees and organising work tasks, for example. As a department head, you will need to speak, read and write Finnish fluently.

The store manager manages the entire store and in the largest stores, they may be supported by an assistant manager. As a store manager, you are responsible for the store’s profits and for ensuring that the store follows its concept, as well as leading the employees in an inspiring and supportive manner by example, ensuring that our customers have an easy and inspiring shopping environment. As a store manager, you will need to speak, read and write Finnish fluently.

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