The Mäntsälä logistics centre as a workplace

The Mäntsälä logistics centre as a workplace

The Mäntsälä logistics centre is the heart of Tokmanni’s flow of products. Thanks to the employees in the logistics centre, we can ensure that product deliveries to Tokmanni stores take place quickly and promptly, in order for our clients to be able to find the products they are looking for on store shelves. The job is for you, if you enjoy working rapidly and actively and want a job which will allow you to move and benefit from your physical fitness. Additionally, for this job, you will need to be:

  • of legal age
  • diligent
  • willing to work in two shifts
  • willing to travel to Mäntsälä for work
  • appreciative of work safety and your work community

Good physical fitness is necessary within the warehouse, as a single gathered trolley will weigh about 100–150 kg and a gatherer will assemble around 30-35 trolleys a day. The work is done while standing.

What kinds of job roles does our logistics centre offer?

Warehouse employees receive and stock arriving goods, take part in the gathering and handing over of goods to the dispatch department, where goods are loaded onto Tokmanni lorries and start their journeys to Tokmanni stores. At the warehouse, each employee starts their job with gathering goods. We want to advance our employees’ career paths, so if an employee’s skill set matches with the Tokmanni group’s skill needs, active individuals, who are willing to develop their skills may be presented with opportunities to advance to different roles within the warehouse or the Tokmanni group. Even at this moment, we have employees working in the stores or in the head office, who began their careers as warehouse employees. In order to ensure work safety within the warehouse, at least a basic communication skills in Finnish are required. For more, please contact:

Warehouse supervisors work in production and resource planning roles or look after their own teams, and thus do their bit to look after the operations of the entire logistics centre. Warehouse supervisors organise work, as well as directing, encouraging and developing the team. Warehouse supervisor positions require, for example, good co-operation and interaction skills, firmness and the skills to coach and encourage the team towards common goals. Being successful in this role also requires good organisational skills, the ability to perceive the big picture and to prioritise things. Warehouse supervisor positions require fluency in Finnish and in English.

Our logistics centre is in the Kapuli area of Mäntsälä, along the Hanko-Hyvinkää-Mäntsälä-Porvoo road. The area is about one kilometre from the E4 (Helsinki-Lahti) road. Our logistics centre is only about a 30-minute drive from Ring III.