Tokmanni head office as a workplace

Head office as a workplace

Tokmanni’s head office and logistics centre are located in Mäntsälä. Over 200 Tokmanni team members work in the head office in various expert and managerial positions. In addition to position specific skill sets, we appreciate a good customer service attitude and teamwork skills. The possibility to work remotely and flexible work time solutions make the workdays of many Tokmanni team members in expert positions easier.


To ensure all this, we work together at the head office in many different functions:

  • customer service
  • purchasing
  • HR
  • IT
  • quality control
  • marketing
  • sales
  • the Shanghai sourcing company
  • finance
  • supply chain
  • security and real estate
  • new establishment
  • communications
  • corporate responsibility
  • e-commerce
  • corporate sales

Individuals working at head office are experts in different fields, and therefore, language requirements are position specific. Our company language is Finnish but working in English may be possible in some positions. We appreciate varied language skills, and we do a lot of international co-operation, particularly in the sourcing department. For more, please contact:

Are you interested? Our open positions can be found here.